La Veleta

What you get when you mix camping, the wild and a touch of glamour 
You arrive at La Veleta and enter a beautiful wooden Mongolian yurt equipped with a double bed, rugs, warm lighting and your very own yurt plant.
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The Yurts

They are organic structures, specially designed for easy assembly and transportation and to withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they are constructions of very low environmental impact, and work wonderfully year round.
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Activities and Events

Surfing, cycling, hiking, wine tasting and so much more all on your doorstep

Also possibility to reserve the entirety of La Veleta for your own event, retreat or family gathering.
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And that's just the beginning:

You'll hear birds singing, cows mooing and even, if you're lucky, the neighbor's peacock. You are 3 km from the beach, on foot, bike or by car, and you have a natural park right next door, ready to be explored... all after a siesta, of course.
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