About Us

La Veleta, an open, dynamic and constantly evolving project.

La Veleta has evolved from its creation as a manifestation of a families vision for a new way of life, towards a place dedicated to serve its visitors with the possibility of being part of this experience in the form of healthy vacations, retreats, contact with nature and community with the taste of sustainable off-grid living, private and communal spaces, hidden yet right around the corner from everything (beaches, white villages, gastronomy, nature and activities etc.)

I, Helena have been teaching yoga, dance and giving massages here in La Janda for 17 years.  I have had retreats in La Veleta over the last 5 years. I am very excited to be coming with my two sons to live and take care of La Veleta, making sure that visitors find a space to relax, breath and restore their energy while discovering, playing and enjoying what we and the area have to offer. 

Why La Veleta?

The Veleta is volatile and firm at the same time. New air flows and gives direction, while continuing to spin on its axis. A combination of strength and ductility. That’s the reason why we called it, and continue to call it La Veleta.

We chose it as a symbol of a vital attitude, one of openness to new experience, the commitment and the consistency with who we are and who we want to be.

Helena & Elias Sue & Gabriel NaúLa “Veleta” est un chemin, un projet vital

La Veleta a évolué vers une manifestation plus familiale de la vie, vers un lieu dédié au service de ces visiteurs pour des vacances saines ou des retraites en contact avec la nature et la communauté. Ici, vous pourrez expérimenter une vie plus écologique, avec des espaces privés et collectifs, loin et pourtant proches de tout (plages, villages blancs, gastronomie, nature, activités…)